Peruvian Cuisine: Not Your Average Fare

When we think about food, we often get caught up in all of the interesting foods in our own culture, our own area. We forget about where many of those delicious dishes originated, as well as where many of the spices, herbs, and ingredients we adore were sourced from. After all, what did it matter as long as we had the foods we want at our fingertips, right?

It is the very history of many of those dishes that could easily send us off on a journey of discovery. This is evidenced by the many outstanding chefs around the world who find joy in traveling and learning about the dishes they create. Many of those chefs have traveled to Peru over the years, the home of some of the most amazing and delightful dishes of the world.

What makes Peruvian Cuisine so very appealing?

When a dish holds the right combination of ingredients, it can take your senses on a journey. Much like great wine, Peruvian dishes offer the chance to explore a myriad of tastes, smells, and textures that keep your taste buds on their toes and your mind wandering. This is true of nearly every dish in Peru, such as Baked Papas, or Baked Potato Skins for the layman.

Baked Papas may sound like a very simple dish, and in thinking so you would be both correct and entirely incorrect at the same time. Although the dish is quite simple to create, the ingredients are not quite what you would label “typical”. After all, how many times have you encountered paprika on your potato skins? If you have, you likely never wondered where the idea originated.

To learn more about Peruvian cuisine, join us for the next Warrior Retreats adventure, deep in the heart of Peru.

December 9th – 17th, 2017


Peru has 3,800 different types of Potatoes.

Wait, Peruvian dishes have potatoes?

Indeed, you would be surprised how many little details you miss when thinking of different ingredients. Peru actually produced potatoes long before the Irish. In fact, potatoes have been found in Peruvian archaeological sites dating back to 400 B.C.! Yes, Peru was, in fact, one of the first to grow these lovely tubers. Peru has over three thousand eight hundred different types of Potatoes.

In addition to potatoes, early Peruvians grew chiles of several varieties, cotton, maize, and paprika. Personally, I would love to go back and thank them for the paprika, as deviled eggs would never be the same without it. However, the Peruvian menu is so diverse, that I would likely have to spend years saying thank you for the intense number of additions they made to our current foods.

Peruvian cuisine has more variety than any other

While we already know that many countries in the world have a varied range of dishes, Peruvian cuisine takes the cake in terms of variety. With influence from the Spanish, Pacific Islanders, Asian cultures, and of course, the Inca Natives, the absolute wealth of knowledge combined to create a country that has more dining range than many other countries combined. This has been the draw that brings so many professional chefs to Peru, where they fall in love with the foods, the culture, and the beautiful scenery.

Peruvian cuisine is something you can only properly enjoy at a restaurant in the country itself, which is something every Warrior Program member has the opportunity to discover. We spend plenty of time enjoying the delicious foods of this richly diverse culture during our programs and learning about the history and evolution of cuisine in Peru, as well as the history of the country and its people. We hope you decide to visit, as there is plenty of amazing food and wonderful experiences waiting.


December 9th – 17th, 2017