Deep in the Jungles of Peru

Swimming in the Amazon River




From the Amazon to the Andes: Warrior Retreats 4 will be like no experience you’ve ever encountered!


Warrior Retreats is a once in a lifetime retreat experience in the heart of Peru created and hosted by internationally renowned human performance coach Branden Collinsworth.


Warrior Retreats uses Peru as an epic setting for a mind, body, and soul complete transformation.


The Retreat consists of 4 parts:


Adventure: We will tap into some of the most iconic sites in the world. Rainbow mountain, Machu Picchu, ride ATVs through the Andes, rappel into the world’s only restaurant that hangs off of a cliff to name a few.


Workshops: Workshops and conscious conversation. The goal of Warrior retreats is to provide the support and space for participants to grow and bring to life their highest visions.


Tribe: Each participant is hand selected, we want people that are hungry, committed to growth and most important lead with heart. You will forge, bonds and connections that will last a lifetime. “To this day I still keep in touch with my Warrior Tribe,” said Anthony Alegrete, Warrior Retreats 2 participant.


Humanitarian work. In order to receive from Peru we first give to it. Warrior Retreats is rooted in service. Each retreat, we spend at least one whole day supporting several local hospitals by serving the children, many of which are terminally ill. During the holidays be bring Christmas gifts, and have a party with the kids. We hope to bring smiles to their faces if even only for a day. This part of the experience is eye-opening and shows us that we are truly blessed. It’s our initiative as a way to give back to the people of Peru. “It was an honor and a blessing to serve these kids, it was the greatest gift I could have ever imagined,” rejoices Warrior Retreats 2 member, Antonia Aviles. “The best part for me was helping children and Warrior Retreats allowed me to explore Peru for all of its beauty and give back to the local community,” said Angel Escamilla, Warrior Retreats 1 participant. 


As a special treat, Warrior Retreats 4 will for the first time give participants the opportunity to experience the Amazon jungles. The Amazon is unlike any place in the world and participants will have an opportunity to spend 3 days deep in the Amazon at the Chullachaqui Econolodge, an award winning lodge that offers an unmatched Amazon experience. “The jungles changed my life. I saw humanity and Mother Earth in their purest forms,” recalls Shane Stuart, Warrior Retreats 3 member.


Going into our 4th Warrior retreats now  we have had over 50  Warriors graduate and experience our programs. We are excited to once again share Peru with the world. Each retreat we build off of the last. This year we are adding even more value, within our programing, experiences and workshops. We look forward to seeing you at Warrior Retreats.


See you in Peru soon!


December 2nd – 16th, 2018
Part 1: Amazon Jungles – December 2-6, 2018
Part 2: Warrior Retreats – December 7-16, 2018


Disclaimer: Space fills up fast, book your trip today. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (702) 703-9709